Tuesday, September 9, 2014

100 Baby Challenge!

I've decided, that I will do the 100 Baby Challenge!

Updates will be posted on my tumblr: kaixinzsims.tumblr.com

Here's my founder for the 100 Baby Challenge.

My founder of the 100 Baby Challenge

For info regarding the founder, please visit: here.

About the 100 Baby Challenge:
Rules: here
The Stats and other links: here
Posts regarding the challenge: here

For posts regarding the baby daddies, pregnancies, the individual babies, please visit here for a list of links (which will show you all the info you want on my tumblr).

I will also be updating the followers when I've created something. You'll all be directed back here for the download links though, because blogger is a lot more user-friendly for long posts :D

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